Versailles Palace Gates

Blinded by Gold at The Palace of Versailles

Versailles, a Royal Château

There are not enough words to describe Versailles. Its boundless grounds and endless extravagance in every detail had me walking around wide-eyed and gaping. Adding to this effect was my lack of knowledge about Versailles going into this experience. Versailles had been recommended to us about a week or two prior to starting the trip by a friend who studied in France for a year. It was in his “Top 3 Must-See” for France. That was enough for me. Done and done. It’s on the list and I’ll figure out the details later! Fast forward to evening #2 on the trip and we were planning what to do the next day. How about a day trip to Versailles?

Day 3: Day Trip to Versailles

We were up at 6:30am and travelling on our 8:45am long distance train to Versailles after hitting up the local grocery mart for breakfast on-the-go and a snack for later.  We finally arrived at the palace gates around 10am, blinded by gold.  

Versailles Palace Entrance

Even approaching from afar, the golden palace glimmered in the sunlight.

Versailles Palace Entrance

The entrance for the entrance.

Versailles Palace Gold Gates

I was already impressed and I hadn’t even set foot inside the palace or explored the grounds.

Versailles Palace Gates

Blinded by the gold gates.

Versailles Palace Gates Versailles Palace

View of Versailles gate entrance through a palace window.

A view of the Versailles palace gates and entrance through a palace window.

View of Versailles gate entrance through a palace window.

A view from the inside looking out to the palace gates and entrance.

More to come of the palace interior and miles and miles of the enchanting grounds, gardens, and additional structures.

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