Conciergerie prison interior arches

Historic Paris Walk (Part 2)

The Historic Paris Walk Continues

Day 2: Paris (Cont’d)

As mentioned in Part 1 of the Historic Paris Walk, if you’re really in the mood to immerse yourself in the tour, put in your earbuds and follow along with the free Rick Steves Audio Tour and Maps just as we did.

St. Severin

St. Severin was next on our stop with Flamboyant Gothic architecture.  I thought the flame-like stone detail over the exterior of the stained glass was really unique (and cool looking).  On the inside, some of the stained glass was painted to achieve such realistic faces.  The more abstract, colorful stained glass also caught my eye – I love the autumn colors!  One side room was also really interesting to me.  It was sort of oval in shape, so the walls were curved with a lip in a few places.  The ceiling was also curved and domed and – well, I’m not an architect, so I don’t know the terminology, but check out the photos!

Courtyard and Metropolitain Metro Stop

I love the painted shadows of the trees on the buildings surrounding this courtyard.  In the third photo here you can see the Metropolitain Metro Stop behind the row of parked motorcycles.  It’s one of the original subway entrances and is preserved as art!


Really beautiful architecture for a prison.  Marie-Antoinette had a cell here.

Coming to a Close

We even caught a movie in production towards the end of our Historic Paris Walk.  Before the sun went down, we snapped a picture in front of the Seine River and headed to dinner.  Afterward we strolled through the Latin Quarter which was officially part of the walk, but didn’t have a chance to do it before hunger set in.  As it turns out, it’s quite lively at night!  One particular establishment (with bras hanging from the chandelier) advertised, “Sexy Bar for Crazy Night!”  We took one more lap by the Notre-Dame, having transformed under the night sky as well.

Notes from the Travel Log – Tues 8.30.11

Slept in til 9:30am. Jet lag. Cafe and “croissant” at cafe near Notre-Dame. Historic Paris Walk. Notre-Dame exterior & interior. Park to right side. Tower climb for another time. Book stores along Seine… etc. Conciergerie. Saint Michel Chapel for another day. Dinner at fondue place. Notre-Dame at night! Crazy Facebook lady movie. Up late planning for next day at Versailles and rest of week.

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